Boundaries are good

Boundaries are fun

That moment when you say, I want this, not that..

You can only cross this much and not so much of my ‘that’..

Try it and start practicing boundaries..

Try claiming, stop blaming..

What freedom, what joy,

Boundaries can help you Un-coy

It can make the ‘other’ wriggle and grumble..

But, your spirit will start soaring and will stop its fumble


I did it today…

Why not you?


The ‘Spirit’ in her!!


She was cut by a blade of grass, her spirit trembled in pain.

She looked up at the hot sun, pleading to the skies for rain.

Warm saline began to roll down her cheek.

She gathered them drop by drop. Steadily poured it on her wound & felt comfort insane.

She pulled mud from earth and thought earth would scream,

But, not a sound the ground made & threw more mud in gleam.

She soaked the mud in the drops that rolled & wrapped the throbbing wound.

Adjusted herself with some thuds and flair, got a bit fine tuned..

She took off with a sob in her heart and a tale in her toe,

looked up again, this time to check her Halo.

Yeah, she carried some spare wings as well, often with a lot of bling

& kept charging them no matter what, come summer or spring. …..

She was cut by a blade of grass, her spirit yet soars ahead.


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From to ‘Know where’, on a journey to ‘Nowhere’…


Finding my sacred in the commonplace

I rode off one fine day on this ‘’no horse’ race.

I saw a traveler on my road, who waved out to me

& said ‘heaven’ aboard..

The explorer carried a smile, some paint & few broken wheels.

I wondered as I board the space,

Are the wheels about to smear color or just going to tug along with grace?

Traveler felt my question & asked me for a feather,

Flung it in the air & said let’s check the weather.

I was flabber with a lot of gasted..

Told myself, my feather ‘just wasted’,

We chugged along, sometimes sang a song

At other times, playing ping pong.

I began to accept my presence on earth

As we continued moving to ‘unearth’…..

(to be continued…)