From to ‘Know where’, on a journey to ‘Nowhere’…


Finding my sacred in the commonplace

I rode off one fine day on this ‘’no horse’ race.

I saw a traveler on my road, who waved out to me

& said ‘heaven’ aboard..

The explorer carried a smile, some paint & few broken wheels.

I wondered as I board the space,

Are the wheels about to smear color or just going to tug along with grace?

Traveler felt my question & asked me for a feather,

Flung it in the air & said let’s check the weather.

I was flabber with a lot of gasted..

Told myself, my feather ‘just wasted’,

We chugged along, sometimes sang a song

At other times, playing ping pong.

I began to accept my presence on earth

As we continued moving to ‘unearth’…..

(to be continued…)


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